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You've landed in a giant mouth. Your only means of escape? Huge wires.

You're in the wacky world of Wire Wizard. Can you survive?

AAOIC Wire Wizard

In this mobile game, you:

  • Face new challenges
  • Build bridges between brackets
  • Cautiously cross gaps
  • Rack up high scores
  • Work your orthodontic magic
  • Achieve new levels

Available now for iOS and Android devices.

You work orthodontic magic for patients. But one misstep could toss you into a boiling cauldron of liability.

Forget ancient potions and powders—rely on AAOIC Malpractice Insurance to keep you safe from professional curses.

Plan Highlights

• Limits up to $6,000,000

• Policies with premiums of $50 or lower for recent graduates1

• 75% off or more on the first year of coverage with additional discounts the following two years2

• Claims over $200,000 go to reinsurer. We have 3 reinsurers rated A+.

• Claims are reviewed by a committee of experienced orthodontists

• No settlement of any claim without your consent

1Premiums vary based on practice location.

2Provided this policy is purchased as your first coverage upon graduation. To receive an additional 10% off your premium, you must participate in the current risk management program.

Need to level up?

Harness the power of malpractice insurance to protect your career and practice.

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